Zyacom offers prepaid professional services over the telephone. Service is available in some countries anytime using any telephone instrument. Over time Zyacom’s service will be available in most countries of the world.

Zyacom is a platform that hosts freelance service providers who are experts in their professional fields. Services can be accessed with any telephone instrument such as a cell phone, landline, iphone or any smart phone.

Users may read Experts’ profiles and choose the desired Expert to call and note the Expert ID number. Dial the access number and the system will connect you to an available Expert in the category or subcategory Get Expert Advice  you choose. Just follow the voice prompts. In an effort to keep the best Experts on our listing, customers are given an opportunity to rate the Expert after service has been provided.

It is easy to access the service. If you have used a telephone card before, and/ or called a messaging menu you may be familiar with service access. But if you have not, our voice menu is easy to follow.

 Usage Fees

The system will charge you per minute of time you spend talking to an Expert. The value of the voucher/pin you purchased will be deleted by the time spent speaking to the Expert(s) selected. You may buy a new voucher or refill you voucher account thereafter. Note that the rate per minute will be different for each Expert chosen. Please read the Terms of Service for the components of your charges.

 Expand the Reach of Your Services as an Expert

Here is an opportunity for skilled Experts in their profession to market their services worldwide. If you are skilled in your profession complete the online application, and name your price per hour in United States Dollars. Experts are charged a small listing fee at sign up.

 How Customers Pay for Services

Customers can pay for services by purchasing a e-voucher/e-pin online. Shortly you will be able to pay for your e-vouchers from an Agent in your area or by visiting your online banking service. In Meet Online Experts extending our service worldwide, we will continue to add Agents and your online bank to our system. Use the appropriate links below to help us improve access to our services.


Our agent system will come on board shortly. If you wish to be an agent /distributor you may sign up now. You also have the option of doing so later. If you chose to sign up now, we will keep your application in our data base. You will be informed when the agent system is up. You will then be charged a small processing fee.

 Opportunities for You and Zyacom

You can create new income stream by becoming a member of the exclusive Zee Club. In a short while the Zee Club will come on stream, and we will offer commission-based earnings on your referrals.

Tell your friend about Zyacom and spread the word. You may also recommend a company/establishment/person to become an agent/distributor of Zyacom’s e-Service vouchers.

Tell us what you think so we can improve our service to you. We aim to continually raise our standard of service.

All Users of the service are required to read the relevant Terms of Service and policies throughout the website. All information provided on this website forms part of our policies and terms of service. Zyacom reserves  Get Professional Counseling the right to change its policies and terms of service from time to time.


The information/advice given by our Experts are for informational purposes only. It is recommended that you verify same with your usual service provider. Zyacom takes no responsibility for advice given by any Expert registered on its website. We thank you for visiting and using our services.



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